Given our expansive vision and dynamic nature of our ecosystem, it seems somewhat redundant to outline a closed form roadmap. There will be several P2E projects rolled out in our launchpad which will have individual roadmaps such that X-Dao and our community will have an abundance of exciting phases throughout each. That said, here are some key milestones that we’d like to highlight:
Q4 2021
  • X-Console staking live - 1 $GAME per day per X-Console Tokenomics
  • Staked X-Console holders airdropped 10 $GAME per X-Console
  • X-Consoles revealed
  • X-Dao created, with $GAME holders now having the ability to vote & govern the treasury.
Q1 2022
  • Whitelist partnership beta | PixelDao & RaidParty
  • DAO P2E project investment | Ragnarök
  • $GAME lp staking
  • Chainlink announced co-marketing partners
  • Launch of the Whitelist Marketplace and $game utility
Q2 2022
  • P2E project launch
  • Unique X-console PFP NFT launch
  • NFT P2E integration
Q3 2022
  • Acquisition of a gaming studio. This will include Metaverses, P2E games. Building Web2 gaming infrastructure in Web3.
  • We will make our Dao immersive by building the DaoVerse.