There are two short-term initial sources of utility provided to $GAME holders near the inception of the token:


The $GAME token’s primary utility will be governance over the X-Consoles treasury. X-Consoles will use the resources at its disposal, with guidance from X-Dao to vet and then partner up with and support promising P2E projects.

The proceeds from which (e.g. from our portion of mint, royalties, or token sales) will flow back into the treasury. This entire process will be manifested through our launchpad, where we will showcase, promote, and link the projects that we have curated - essentially becoming the Steam of P2E.

As mentioned above and with approval from X-Dao, proceeds that flow to the treasury can be used as part of the deflationary mechanisms for the $GAME tokens to support and promote other new P2E projects and in other activities proposed by and agreed upon by X-Dao.


In addition, token holders will have the ability to sign up for whitelist spots on P2E projects by staking a certain number of $GAME tokens. These tokens will be locked for a predefined period of time and will be subject to a separate bonding curve per P2E project to impose a form of scarcity for these whitelist spots on any given project.

Each whitelist spot will require a progressively higher number of $GAME tokens staked. This would be a more elegant solution and means of allocating whitelist spots than keeping the number of $GAME tokens that need to be staked for each whitelist spot the same.

From a tokenomics standpoint, it creates the potential of having a larger proportion of the $GAME supply offline due to a progressively higher staking requirement to qualify for the whitelist. This mechanism allows for anyone with a sufficient number of $GAME tokens to be granted a spot as opposed to people scrambling for whitelist spots and essentially creating a shortage of them.

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