Console Staking

Each console will be able to have a one time claim of 10 $GAME tokens. When an X-Console is staked, it will produce $GAME every 24 hours from initial staking time. Emissions will follow the schedule included in Tokenomics

This will see the maximum emission rate towards X-Console stakers capped, with the expectation that this will fall lower given the active on-chain interaction to stake / unstake.


A presale to raise funds will be carried out with a targeted $1 million raise. 50% of this raise will seed the initial treasury and will be supplemented by 50% of the royalties from X-Console secondary sales.

Participants in the presale will receive a maximum of ~14% of daily $GAME emissions, pro-rated by their seed contribution.

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Team Allocation

The team will be allocated ~11% of daily $GAME emissions per day. Seed and Team tokens will be unlocked on a monthly basis. Starting on February 1st, 2021.

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