Discord: Join the community discussion and submit DAO proposals

Snapshot: Review and vote on DAO proposals

  • Use the x-lab channel to discuss ideas or concepts that require voting to implement.

  • Voting proposals should be raised in x-dao-proposals inside the Discord

  • X-Console team proposals will be published in announcements

  • Include an overview and any potential risks/rewards/reasoning

  • Please add a ballot šŸ—³ and a cross āŒ reaction under the proposal

  • A 50 reaction margin will trigger a snapshot vote

  • You have the option to schedule an AMA on the proposal (recommended)

  • Engage with the community to answer questions in the x-dao-proposals channel

  • The minimum vote percentage required for a snapshot to pass is 60%

Timeline & Reactions: A 50 reaction margin will trigger a snapshot vote.

Example šŸ—³ - 80 reactions āŒ - 40 reactions Margin is 40 - Snapshot will not be raised

šŸ—³ - 90 reactions āŒ - 20 reactions Margin is 70 - Snapshot will be raised The team will aim to raise the vote within 24/48 hours. The minimum voting period will last for 72 hours.


  • LP staking voting right is under development

The community has recognized that in some situations a vote may need to be raised without adhering to the 72 hour voting period. The minimum period will be 24 hours on an occasion where the issue is time sensitive in nature. It is hoped these will be infrequent and each instance will be reviewed and discussed by the community.

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