The X-Consoles NFT will be the gateway to the $GAME ecosystem. Holding an X-Console NFT will allow you to earn $GAME along with other benefits. We will address the tokenomics of $GAME and why certain decisions as to these tokenomics were made. We will then inquire into sources of utility for $GAME token holders in the near term and unravel the ROADMAP that will demonstrate potential sources of utility down the line. This whitepaper serves to lay the foundation for discussion as to the future of the X-Console ecosystem by the Dao (X-Dao).


The DaoVerse will be the most inclusive MetaVerse in existence - utterly decentralized, not only by virtue of how such a MetaVerse is governed but also by how it’s built. The creation of this DaoVerse will be a democratized process – the brainchild of the amalgamation of all members of the X- Dao’s minds, with the day-to-day running of the DaoVerse dynamically and continuously contingent on decisions made by the Dao governing it. We will minimize the aspects of the DaoVerse that don’t rely on democratized and decentralized input such that the DaoVerse is a pure and conspicuous manifestation of X-Dao.
A proportion of the work put into this will revolve around building the infrastructure for members of X-Dao to create and govern the DaoVerse. $GAME will be the means of exchange in the DaoVerse and will be used extensively.

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